Anti-Violence & Harassment Policy
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Anti-Violence & Harassment Policy


This policy is intended to promote a healthy and safe work environment, free from violence and harassment. According to Law 4808/2021, which regulates the prevention and combating of violence and harassment in the workplace, the employer is obliged to implement specific measures to prevent and protect employees.

This policy is part of compliance with that law and commits all employees and company management to act consistently and decisively against violence and harassment.


Violence: Any act or interference that causes physical, mental or sexual injury to an employee.

Harassment: Any unwanted practice or verbal behavior that creates a hostile, offensive or degrading environment for an employee and causes anxiety, fear or resentment.

Principles and Commitments:

1. We prohibit any form of violence and harassment in the workplace, and we are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all employees.

2.  We respect the rights and dignity of every worker and refuse any form of discrimination, intimidation or exploitation.

3. We provide adequate information, training and awareness to all employees on the prevention of violence and harassment.

4. We take all complaints of violence and harassment seriously and we ensure that a fair and independent investigation takes place.

5. We apply strict penalties for violating our policy and we ensure that employees who report incidents of violence and harassment are not retaliated against.

Prevention and protection measures:

We provide all employees with training and information about our anti-violence and anti-harassment policy.

This training will highlight the types of violence and harassment, their consequences and reporting mechanisms.

Policies and Procedures:

We have clear anti-violence and harassment policies in place, including reporting procedures, investigations and sanctions for offenders.

These policies must be accessible and understandable by all employees.

Complaints Procedures:

We put in place complaint reporting mechanisms that are anonymous, confidential and efficient.

We ensure that employees have access to these mechanisms and that complaints are investigated conscientiously and independently.

Support and Resolving:

Support for victims: We ensure that victims of violence and harassment receive the necessary support and protection.
This includes providing access to psychological support, counseling and any other necessary help to deal with the consequences of violence and harassment.

Independent Investigations:

We conduct independent and objective investigations into every complaint of violence and harassment.
Investigations must be conducted conscientiously, transparently and with respect for all parties involved.


We apply appropriate sanctions to violators of our policy.
These sanctions must be proportionate to the seriousness of the offense and deter the repetition of such acts.

Awareness promotion:

We promote employee awareness campaigns on the importance of preventing and addressing violence and harassment.
These campaigns can include information materials, seminars, training programs and promotional events, with the aim of strengthening the awareness and commitment of all employees.

Monitoring and evaluation:

We monitor the effectiveness of our policy and evaluate the company's response to complaints and incidents of violence and harassment.
We review and update our policy where necessary to ensure continuous improvement and employee protection.


Our policy against violence and harassment in the workplace, in accordance with Law 4808/2021, demonstrates our commitment to the protection and well-being of our employees.
Through the implementation of this policy, we promote a work environment that is safe, healthy and free from violence and harassment.

By informing, training and supporting employees, we create a civilized and respectful work culture. It is important to recognize that violence and harassment are unacceptable and go against the rights and dignity of workers.

Our policy seeks to protect their psychological and physical well- being and create a work environment conducive to performance, innovation and growth.

All employees have the right to work in an environment free from violence or harassment.

We impose strict penalties for violations of the policy and ensure that every complaint is treated seriously and fairly.

The administration 12/6/2023