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New Flagship Store

New Flagship Store

The first flagship store of Pentagon® S.A.

The opening of the first flagship store in Thessaloniki and, specifically, in I. Koletti 22 (One Salonica area) with a central theme not only of the army and the police but also the general public, is a fact! Here you will find the whole range of products and many reasons to get it!

Is Pentagon for you?

  • Are you a man of adventure?
  • Do you have intense outdoor activities (trekking, skiing, hunting, biking, etc.) that bring you in front of natural challenges?
  • Do you want to dress comfortably and practically in your daily life?
  • Have you been looking a long time for clothes with perfect fitting and comfortable movement, but which also have hidden pockets for the essentials?
  • Do you want to meet the range of clothes inspired by the battlefields with the fanatical public abroad?
  • Do you want to wear clothes in your daily life from fabrics with innovative technologies designed for professionals? And in fact with value for money as the first priority?

If you answered yes to even one of the above questions, then it is worth a visit to the new Pentagon store in Thessaloniki and get to know their range of products. Here you will find jeans, cotton pants, military camouflage, backpacks, shoes, T-shirts, shirts, fleece, leggings and many accessories for men and women. Combine durability with comfort and style, and become part of the tactical clothing family!

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