* Gift card orders cannot be refunded.

For the Purchaser:

Select Gift Card Amount: Choose the desired amount for the gift card. The recipient will be able to use it for purchases equal to or greater than this chosen amount.

Write Your Wish: Craft a heartfelt message to the recipient to accompany the gift card.

Fill Details: Enter your information and the recipient's accurately. Pay special attention to entering the recipient's email correctly, as they will receive your wish and the gift card through it.

Proceed with Payment: Follow the normal purchase process. Once payment is confirmed, we'll promptly email your special someone!

For the Recipient:

Check Your Email: You've received an exciting gift! Locate the email and take note of the gift card code provided.

Browse and Choose: Explore our e-shop and discover the perfect item that captures your personal taste and preferences.

Checkout Process: Proceed to checkout. Enter the gift card code in the designated "Use Gift Certificate" field and validate it.


Enjoy the Discount: The gift card discount will be applied automatically to your purchase.

Complete your order and revel in the joy of your chosen item, knowing it was gifted with love and thoughtfulness.