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Low Profile Collection


Introducing Refined Low Profile Tactical Gear Our Alpha Down Blazer, Omega Down Jacket and Omega Down Vest: sophisticated and functional low profile tactical wear. Crafted from specialized fabric: resistant, lightweight, and down-proof for all weather conditions. For added versatility, the hood on our puffer gilet and jacket is detachable with a hidden zipper and hook n’ loop side walls, allowing you to adapt to changing conditions effortlessly. 700 Down Power ensure the ultimate warmth in your body.


Refined and minimalistic, the OMEGA Down gilet is crafted from specially developed Outer fabric.

Highly resistant, yet lightweight, the fabric is down-proof and water-repellent, ready for whatever the weather may bring.

This vest is filled with 700 down power, sealable seams to keep feather in place.

The hooded puffer gilet is embellished with the new PENTAGON Era logo trim.

Omega vest
Omega vest left top image Omega vest right top image
Omega vest left bottom image Omega vest right bottom image
Omega jacket top left image Omega jacket top right image
Omega jacket bottom left image Omega jacket bottom right image


Elevate your style with the OMEGA Down jacket, a perfect blend of sophistication and performance.

Crafted from a specially engineered outer fabric, this jacket embodies both strength and lightness. It effortlessly combines down-proof and water-repellent properties to confront any weather condition.

With a 700 down fill power, this jacket features meticulously sealed seams for feather security.

The hooded puffer jacket is finished with the distinctive PENTAGON Era logo trim, adding a touch of personality to your ensemble.

vest image


Introducing the Alpha Down Blazer, a true embodiment of uniqueness and low-profile elegance.

Stands out as a testament to its unique design and its ability to seamlessly blend into a low-profile, elegant ensemble.

Its distinctive style and expert craftsmanship make it the ideal choice for those who appreciate a modern twist on sophistication, ensuring you always stand out while keeping a refined profile.

The Alpha Down Blazer offers a modern twist on traditional blazers, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication to your attire.

vest image
Alpha blazer top left image Alpha blazer top right image
Alpha blazer bottom left  image Alpha blazer bottom right image



Featuring advanced water-repellent technology that ensures you stay dry and protected in any weather condition.

700 Down Power

Insulated with down feathers and featuring a 700 fill power. This collection provides high-quality warmth without adding excessive bulk. Primed for diverse weather conditions.

YKK® Waterproof Zippers

The main zipper is waterproof, ensuring that it effectively repels water. The side pockets are equipped with waterproof zippers, adding an extra layer of protection to keep your belongings dry in wet conditions.