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Quality Policy

The basic principle of our company is the satisfaction and trust of our customers, through the fulfillment of the defined requirements and their expectations for the quality before and mainly after the sale or installation.


PENTAGON SA commits to systematically cover the declared needs of its customers, marketing products and providing high quality services, delivering the products and providing the services in the agreed quantities, in time, location and at the best possible price, complying with the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements in Greece and abroad.


PENTAGON SA achieves the above through:

-  the definition of quality objectives in the context of its Business Planning and the continuous monitoring, measurement, review and adaptation of critical parameters and processes related to them by the Supreme Administration,

- the recognition and allocation of all necessary resources to ensure its uninterrupted, efficient and effective operation,

-  providing comprehensive solutions by constantly developing the range of its existing products and services,

-  the supply of products that meet international standards, from manufacturers that operate according to international standards,

-  maintaining excellent and stable partnerships with product and service suppliers,

-  ensuring the high level of satisfaction of the staff available, providing continuous training, professionally appropriate, safe and healthy work environment,

-  the continuous effort for continuous improvement of the products, services and processes which is its main concern and philosophy of each of its executives,

-  the application of Quality Management System according to the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015.


Key features of the Quality Management System are:

·         fulfillment of all legal requirements,

·         continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System,

·         The optimal management of resources.

It is the responsibility of every employee to ensure the Quality of all the company's activities. For this reason, the commitment is that all employees, depending on their responsibilities, are informed about the System, work and act with evidence, in accordance with the established rules. Procedures and actions that do not guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives, are immediately stopped by those responsible, cause analyzes are performed and the required improvement measures are defined.

Quality Policy